Dreams and Magic was established way back in 1998. At a time when analog editing was in vogue, it was our company that introduced non linear editing to the local Industry in 1999. We pioneered 3D computer imagery and digital visual effects. Since then we have pioneered in many spheres which revolutionized the local film industry.


When the Digital imagery could not be successfully transferred on to 35mm format, we developed a film recorder locally in 2007 to transfer Digital imagery on to Silver screen.


Not being satisfied with standard definition format which have been used for digital content acquisition, and always pursuing better quality, we get down the RED ONE digital cinema camera in 2009 which is used in high end films in Hollywood. For budget minded film makers who can not afford the rental rates of the RED camera, we introduced Sony EX range cameras as well and Panasonic AF 100 cameras. Our latest introduction is the 2.5K Black Magic Cinema Camera.


To continue with the policy of development & quality consciousness, we offered Digital color grading in 2008 for the first time in Sri Lanka, so that the indstry enjoys another of the benefits of Digital acquisition.


To further cut down the Production costs, we have introduced a Digital projection system that includes Surround Sound as well as a fool proof encryption system to safeguard against piracy.