Color Grading


Ours was the company that initiated Digital color grading for film industry in Sri Lanka.


This was started with the feature film “Kanyavee”, which was shot in HD for the first time in Sri Lanka, using Sony EX1, which carried the "CineAlta" tag.


By the time we imported the RED ONE 4K camera, we have completely upgraded the system employing Autodesk Luster to handle editing & color grading of 4 K material. Luster is regarded as one of the leading color grading systems in the world. Ours was the first in Sri Lanka to provide 4K editing & color grading way back in 2008.


Our past credits include Kanyavee, Ape Yalu Punchi Bhootaya, Uttara etc. to be followed by Theja, Arathi Rathi and Guru Geethaya.


With the acquisition of a Black Magic Cine Camera, our color grading system is now based on Davinci Resolve which was used to grade many a block buster Hollywood films.