Digital Cinema Packaging (NEW)


More and more theaters are converting to Digital projection. Even film festivals are now accepting films in Digital format. The industry standard for Digital screening is a Digital Cinema package. (DCP) This packaging has to be done according to the specifications set by the Digital Cinema Initiative. (DCI) This creation of a DCP is a sepcialised technical task.


 If the DCP conversion is done outside Sri Lanka, the cost for a 90 minute film would reach a minimum of LKRupees 450,000/=.


For the first time in Sri Lanka we offer 2K, 4K Digital Cinema Packaging from Digital Masters. This offers many possibilities to film makers who desire to screen their finished film at Digital theaters as well as at Foreign film festivals without the cost of transferring the Digital master to a 35mm film print.


We also offer the DCP creation for Film trailers  and Commercials enabling them to be shown in Digital Theaters (Savoy, Majestic etc.)


Since the Film Censor Board is accepting DCP submissions, this offers the Producers/ Directors an opportunity to screen the Film for the Public Performances Board(Censor Board.)


We also offer a DCP screening  service.


This service will be available for an additional screening (other than the initial evaluation screening)  free of charge for clients who get their footage converted to DCP by us.